Climbing volumes


That add creative movement and flexibility to your climbing.

Product Description


The most unique shapes available, IMPACT Climbing Volumes stand out! From small stackable designs to large Hedron behemoths, our volumes will enable route setters to produce striking, complex three-dimensional climbing to liven up any terrain. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced climber, incorporating volumes into your climbs can be both a fun and challenging addition to your walls!


  • 13-Layer Birch Hardwood
  • Stainless Steel T-nuts
  • Stainless Steel Concave Washers
  • Furniture Grade Woodworking


  • 11 Vibrant colours to choose from
  • 38 Unique Shapes
  • Optional Stained Wood Finishes
    • Natural
    • Provincial
    • Mahogany
    • Ebony

         *Custom wood colours & stains available upon request

Proprietary Textures 

  • Velvet Grip
    Our most popular climbing surface is truly unique in the climbing market. Three years of development led to a texture that offers the perfect blend of grip and friction, without being overly abrasive. It’s these unique properties that give it a velvety feel and offers excellent friction for climbing shoes that’s also skin friendly. A balance that climbing gym owners and climbers will appreciate. Experience reduced climbing shoe wear compared to other climbing wall manufacturers.
  • Talon Grip
    Need more bite? Talon GRIP is the solution. All the benefits of our popular Velvet GRIP, with a slightly more abrasive texture for increased friction. Which is better? It’s your choice. For climbing areas where smearing is more popular, opt for Talon GRIP.

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