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Bouldering Walls

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Product Description


IMPACT Climbing Walls offer the perfect balance of engineered steel climbing structures, premium wood panels and an incredible surface texture. Walls are made of premium 13-layer birch hardwood, to provide maximum durability.

Most people forget how important the tops and edges of climbing walls are. Ours are designed with ergonomics in mind. We reinforce our outside corners by rounding the edges and coating them with an epoxy. Most walls will begin to chip and delaminate around those corners, which is why IMPACT ensures that they are reinforced.

Our panels are simple to clean and maintain. Just a wet rag and a little elbow grease can clean our walls. Our GRIP textures also offer the best “shadow” resistance on the market. Most manufacturers offer scuff resistant walls – only IMPACT minimizes those residual black smears found around climbing holds, also known as “shadowing”. The materials in our texture all but eliminate those ugly marks on your walls for years to come.

Product Features

  • 13-Layer Birch Hardwood
  • Stainless Steel T-nuts
  • Ultraviolet Resistant Finish
  • No Colour Rub-Off
  • Moisture & Scuff Resistant
  • Easy to Clean and Service
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Product Design

Handmade Craftsmanship

We place a tremendous amount of pride in our work. From our smallest climbing volume to full-scale climbing facilities, our close attention to detail goes into everything we do. We are a team of designers, craftsmen, carpenters, steel smiths and construction specialists. We combine the precision of CNC wood with the exquisite finish of handmade craftsmanship.


Our climbing walls are coated with your choice between our two proprietary textures: VelvetGRIP or TalonGRIP. Our textures are the ultimate IMPACT difference.

It’s All in the Details

Every detail matters, even down to the T-nut. We select high grade T-nuts with quality metals to ensure the longest service life. Each T-nut is secured using screws rather than being hammered in, to prevent being pushed through when setting. To reduce cross-threading, T-nuts feature recessed threads so the bolt can be aligned and straight before tightening – a common risk when using impact drivers for route setting.

Choose Your Own Colours

IMPACT Climbing Wall surface texture goes on clear so our walls can be finished in the colours of your choice. We will match your corporate colours or we can select from one of our 11 standard climbing volume colours. Our tones match the most popular climbing hold colours in the industry; however, if you didn’t see anything you liked, you can choose any colour.

Stained Wood Finishes

Stain Wood Finish is a growing trend that shows off the beauty and warmth of wood beneath the surface. Our wood finishes come in: Natural, Provincial, Mahogany and Ebony. If you have a wood stain preference, we can customize your walls to suit your design.

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It can be tricky to start a climbing gym without professional guidance. Check out our Consulting Package and let us handle the ins and outs for you.

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