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Where We Started

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The Spark

The inception of IMPACT Climbing goes back to a pivotal moment in founder Kyle’s life—an unexpected termination from a GM position. From that moment, Kyle vowed to break himself from the constraints of traditional employment, catalyzing the commitment and establishing a venture during the challenging economic downturn of 2008/09. The initial venture involved a portable climbing wall, an ambitious endeavor that demanded many hours for both setup and dismantling, all for a brief two-hour event. Notably, this was not paying the bills.

Custom Climbing Walls

Focus on Growth

Kyle approached Rockwerx with a contract, outlining terms that caught them by surprise: exclusive rights to Canada, ownership of the Rockwerx name, and access to their manufacturing and trade secrets. Uncertain about their reaction, Kyle was astonished when they promptly signed back, confirming his exclusive rights to construct climbing walls under the Rockwerx brand. At that juncture, Rockwerx stood as the largest builder in the USA. Remarkably, sales surged from zero to over $1 million in just 1.5 years.

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Too Much Too Fast

With a strong growth cycle for the climbing industry and the economy in general. He partnered with Adventure Solutions USA, making us the go-to place in Canada for all adventure based experience like high ropes courses, adventure play structures, and ninja warrior courses. This only lasted about 2 years as the partnership was unbalanced and the plan was not sustainable and top heavy, creating the fall of Adventure Solutions in Canada. Turns out building and focusing on what you know best, work best.

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Product Development

Responding to the industry demand of a plywood climbing wall as opposed to concrete, Kyle developed a new texture for plywood climbing walls, known today as VelvetGRIP. Many companies in the industry caught on and started their own version of this smooth but yet extremely durable texture, budget-friendly and high-performance climbing wall solution.


Vertically Integrated Growth

Aspire Climbing & Fitness is born. Expanding the business vertically is a model that has lasted the test of time.

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New Additions

Expanding our product reach through partnerships and international trade. This is a slow burn and is more for networking and word of mouth, as organic growth takes time but pays dividends in the end.

Custom Climbing Walls

Improving VelvetGRIP

Creating our own texture was key in our development and locked Impact Climbing in as the real player in this industry. In 2018-19 all eyes were on what we were doing. Without knowing it, other companies were following our lead with our design criteria and manufacturing processes, like natural wood wall colours and fine Velvet-Grip texture. Something incredible in the world of Climbing Gym Manufacturer!

Custom Climbing Wall

The Breakout Year

IMPACT was having the biggest year we have ever seen, the shop was buzzing, things were flying and psych was high!

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Survival Mode

And this too will pass

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Keep your head up & stick on the ice.

This was the “comeback” kid year – do or die. Nothing was easy and all you could do is grid and move forward. There was nothing as far a social media from Impact because we were working hard in silence to build bigger than ever. All said, we had a great year, built more projects than any other year in our history, worked with some of the largest companies in the world, created new products, hired more staff, developed amazing partnerships and much more. The general population never sees the work being done and assume you are not working. The year 2023 was a year of building, and the year to show that we are the best Climbing Gym Manufacturer!

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Engineered for Excellence

Meeting or exceeding all standards including CE, EN, ASTM regulations, guidelines from the Climbing Wall Association (CWA) and structural engineering. Our builds redefine what’s possible.

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A Team of Industry Experts

IMPACT brings together a team of skilled professionals. Everything we do has been from start to finish, from the ground up. But this doesn’t mean we’ve done it all, we understand it takes a team of individuals that are dedicated towards their passion to build on what the companies goals are and to build your own dreams and goals at the same time. That old saying it takes a community to raise a family, well we believe that to be the case. Anything worth doing is hard work and most people give up before they really get started. At IMPACT CLIMBING we want to help you find another step in your game, we want to provide a different angle, we want to help you find another gear. We are a dedicated group of professions, we have built our team and focused our strengths and now we can help you build your dreams. Let us help you start your business, We are the best option as Climbing Gym Manufacturer!

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Kyle Wilson
Climbing Gym Manufacturer
Erin Wilson
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Joë Layno
Brand Ambassador
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Robert Jamison
Climbing Gym Manufacturer
Hal Lackenbauer
Construction Manager
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Rebecca Machan
Climbing Wall Designer ​
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Tyler Hinkle
Install crew manager
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Jay Panganiban
Project Manager
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Kelsey Gallant
Climbing Wall Fabricator & Ink Master
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Alex Wojtkowiak
Shop Manager & Fine Carpenter
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William Fry
Climbing Wall Fabricator
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Eric Jose Desepeda
Climbing Wall Fabricator, Steel Shop
Climbing Gym Manufacturer
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Wood shop
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Office Manager
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Climbing Gym Manufacturer
Climbing Gym Manufacturer
Assistant shop manager
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Real stories, real impact.
IMPACT Climbing has fantastic service and cutting edge climbing wall designs. You can tell they really know their stuff by how precisely they design, manufacture and install the walls. I would recommend IMPACT Climbing over all climbing wall manufacturers!
From start to finish the entire crew at IMPACT were amazing. This is the 3rd time we have dealt with them, and they have never disappointed. Their pricing is very competitive, but the craftsmanship is really what stands out. It is all top notch, from design to finish product. I would highly recommend IMPACT for any of your climbing wall needs, big or small.
Best climbing walls out there. Fantastic people working at IMPACT too.