Route Tags

Route Tags

Durability. Reusability. Versatility.

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Our fully customizable, reusable & highly durable route tags will make sure that every climb has a clear grading before you climb. Made from aluminum and easily attached on any climbing surface using a standard t-nut and 3/8” bolt, they contribute to an overall neat and organized gym environment. Unlike tape, which can look messy and cluttered, especially when it accumulates over time, these tags won’t tear or fray easily.

With a wide range of colors available you can match these tags with any hold in your collection. And these tags are fully customizable! In short, our route tags combine practicality, aesthetics, and sustainability, making them a superior choice for climbing gyms.

  • Our aluminum tags remain legible and clear, unlike handwritten tape labels.
  • Clear grading enhance safety by ensuring climbers know the difficulty level.
  • Easy installation benefits both routesetters and climbers.
  • Reduces waste and the need for constant replacement, like setting with tape.



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