Playground Boulders

Playground Boulders

That look and feel like real rocks.

Product Description

Product Details

IMPACT Outdoor Playground Boulders offer the thrill and natural allure of climbing on genuine rock, right in a public playground or your own backyard. Bouldering involves climbing on low surfaces near the ground without the need for ropes, harnesses, or special gear. These artistically crafted formations can transform open park areas, enhancing the scenery and offering children a safe space to develop balance and coordination skills. Our Playground Boulders serve as a striking, natural alternative to traditional jungle gyms. In public areas, these boulders present an engaging and mentally stimulating activity for both kids and adults, contributing aesthetically to the environment.

Product Features

  • Ultra-lightweight Composite Polymer Resin
  • ASTM Flexural Strength: 12,000 lbs
  • Compression Strength: 8,500 lbs
  • Optional Class 1 Fire Safety Rating Can be Power Washed up to 2500 psi
  • Stainless Steel
  • T-nuts Climbing Holds
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Product Design

Stone Age Walls and Playground Boulders are made of super lightweight composite polymer resin, backed by fiberglass. Despite being thick and strong, it only weighs 3lbs/square foot, which is five times lighter than the alternative, glass fiber reinforced concrete.

​The leading complaint for stone-style walls is that there are unnatural edges or “cracks” between panels, so we decided to fix that. Stone Age is a completely seamless product. When your wall is finished there is no unnatural edges or breaks in the wall, the undulating curves, corners, and cracks of this style wall give the appearance of a true product of Mother Nature. A Stone Age wall is more than just a rock wall: it is a climbable work of art.

Stone Age does not fade when exposed to sunlight and UV radiation, and never needs to be painted. The surface of Natural Rock is inert, so will resist buildup and discolouration, algae and any other organic growth. Chemicals, rain and water minerals do not affect the surface. Stone Age is available with an optional Class 1 Fire Safety Rating. If the walls need to be cleaned, the surface can be power washed up to 2500 psi.


These playground boulders can come in one of four colour options: Red Granite, Coastal, Earth Brown, Slate Grey

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