Sport climbing -The Olympic Bump Is Coming To Climbing


Sport climbing is making its debut in the 2021 Olympics!

Sport Climbing! For the first time in Olympic history, climbing has been added to the lineup of athletic events! Additionally, while gymnastics, swimming, and track and field all hold near and dear to our hearts, as some of the most anticipated sports to watch. Certainly, following the Olympics is the best way to discover — or rekindle — a new athletic hobby.

Because, of the draw that the Olympics have in terms of viewers, the Olympic Bump is a real thing. And as a climbing gym owner or a climber yourself, you may see the interest in this Sport Climbing!

What does the future hold for climbing? Dive into this discussion with Impact Climbing in today’s post about Sport Climbing debut.

The Inspiration

The Olympics will shine a light on sport climbing, bringing awareness to the sport in a way that perhaps has never been hyped before. This is a pretty incredible moment for climbing! Watching greatness like Alannah Yip and Sean McColl represent Canada will inspire people of all ages. Which will likely, mean an uptick in climbing gym memberships — when there’s inspiration. People will seek a gym to try climbing, out or even reinvigorate their long lost passion for the sport!

Supporting The Climbing Community

With the inception of climbing on the horizon, this is the perfect opportunity as a gym owner to promote climbing, even before the big surge! This is a great way to connect with people and host a climbing watch party or even an Olympic-inspired climbing competition.

Welcoming New Climbing Enthusiasts

Walking into a climbing gym for the first time can be quite overwhelming, so as a gym owner, start thinking ahead about how you can help new people fall in love with the sport just like you did.

Consider ramping up and offering new introduction courses, or offer a tailored package for new climbers that includes helpful things such as a tour and staff introduction, how to stay safe, and the various classes and resources your climbing gym provides.

As a seasoned climber, this is also a great opportunity to help people out at the gym. If someone looks lost or like they need some help, make it a point to reach out and connect.

Sport Climbing Turning Your Vision Into A Reality

Perhaps you’re already a climbing gym owner and you’re looking to expand or update your space, or perhaps you have a dream to build a beautiful, state-of-the-art climbing facility. Wherever you’re at in the process, Impact Climbing can turn those dreams into a reality!

From climbing walls and playground boulders, handle this Olympic Bump with Impact Climbing!

Watch as the sport of climbing blossoms with its debut in Tokyo and the millions of new eyes witnessing this exciting sport for the first time.

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