Playground Boulders

playground boulders

The Look and Feel of Real Rock

IMPACT Outdoor Playground Boulders bring all the excitement and natural beauty of climbing on real rock straight to a public playground or your home’s backyard. Bouldering is the act of climbing on low surfaces close to the ground where no ropes, harnesses or special equipment are required. Open park spaces can be filled with these artistically sculpted formations to add variety and beauty to a green or snowy landscape, while also creating the opportunity for kids to safely learn balance and coordination. Our Playground Boulders provide a beautiful, natural alternative to a traditional jungle gym. For public spaces, these boulders can provide a fun, challenging, and mentally stimulating activity for children and adults while adding aesthetically to the environment.

playground boulders

Optional Modular Hold Package with T-Nut Threadings:

We can add t-nuts to your boulder and include a package of climbing holds you can attach and remove from your boulder. Holds can be added and removed to provide additional climbing routes. The holds are typically colored to match the tones of the rock surface, but are also available in a variety of bright colours.

Feel the Difference

IMPACT Climbing Walls offer the perfect balance of engineered steel climbing structures, premium wood panels and an incredible surface texture. Walls are made of premium, furniture-grade 13-layer birch plywood, to provide maximum durability.

boulder sizes

Boulder Colour Options

These playground boulders can come in one of four colour options

red granite

Red Granite



earth brown

Earth Brown

slate grey

Slate Grey

boulder specs

The Technical Stuff

Stone Age Walls and Playground Boulders are made of super lightweight composite polymer resin, backed by fiberglass. Despite being thick and strong, it only weighs 3lbs/square foot, which is five times lighter than the alternative, glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Our Stone Age Walls boast an ASTM flexural strength of 12,000 lbs and compression strength of 8,500 lbs. This product will stand the test of time in even the toughest climates, and is not affected by freeze/thaw cycles or extreme temperatures.

​The leading complaint for stone-style walls is that there are unnatural edges or “cracks” between panels, so we decided to fix that. Stone Age is a completely seamless product. When your wall is finished there is no unnatural edges or breaks in the wall, the undulating curves, corners, and cracks of this style wall give the appearance of a true product of Mother Nature. A Stone Age wall is more than just a rock wall: it is a climbable work of art.

Stone Age does not fade when exposed to sunlight and UV radiation, and never needs to be painted. The surface of Natural Rock is inert, so will resist buildup and discolouration, algae and any other organic growth. Chemicals, rain and water minerals do not affect the surface. Stone Age is available with an optional Class 1 Fire Safety Rating. If the walls need to be cleaned, the surface can be power washed up to 2500 psi.

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