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Increase your facilities traffic, revenue and safety while reducing costs with auto-belay devices!

An auto belay device takes up the slack while you climb and safely controls your descent. This eliminates the need for a human belayer, reducing the number of staff needed and increases the number of single climbers and walk-in business. An auto-belay device also reduces the risk of a climbing accident due to human belayer error.

Perfect Descent is our preferred Auto-Belay system, but we do offer other brands based on client preferences. Perfect Descent units offer the fastest retraction speed of any auto-belay system on the market. They utilize the PD® Speed Drive Technology featuring a redundant clutch system that retracts the climbers' lanyard at 9 feet per second! This makes them the perfect solution for speed climbing walls and general usage. The Perfect Descent centrifugal braking system has the added benefit of being one of the quietest systems available, which reduces the noise pollution that some associate with auto-belays. The braking system is self-regulating and accommodates a wide range of climber weights (25lbs to 310lbs). Children and adults alike have a consistent experience. Whether jumping, descending or approaching a platform, the catch is smooth and comfortable.

Benefits of Perfect Descent Auto-Belay Systems

  • Safety
  • Ease of Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Field Replaceble Webbing
  • Quieter operation
  • Low profile designs
  • Optional belay flags

Why does your climbing gym need an auto-belay system?

  • Reduce barriers to entry
  • Increase participation & membership
  • Enhanched programming options

How does your gym make money off auto-belay systems?

  • Attract new members and day pass users
  • Increase renewals
  • Drive programming and group revenue
  • Reduced staffing costs


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