Interchangeable Obstacles

Interchangeable Obstacles For Your Ninja Course

Choose From Nearly 100 Different Elements

Ninja Warrior Courses from IMPACT Climbing are uniquely crafted obstacle courses that present a fun, engaging, and popular adventure challenge for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Part of what makes our clients return to us again and again is the ability to customize their Ninja courses with nearly 100 different interchangeable elements. Here are just a few examples of how you can keep making your Ninja course a new, unforgettable experience for your customers.

ground based obstacles

Ground-Based Elements

The interchangeable elements of our Ninja courses are broken down into two major categories, the first of which being ground-based elements. These are elements of the course that can be free-standing and don’t rely on a frame structure for stability. Many of these elements emphasize balance and coordination, including slacklines, parkour steps, ball crossings, island steps, and more. Because these elements are ground-based, they are ideal for courses that are designed to include younger or less-experienced participants — that’s not to say there isn’t any challenge!

skill levels

Steps for All Skill Levels

One of the most popular ground-based interchangeable elements in our Ninja course offerings includes angled steps. These are designed to accommodate all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. These sweeping or zig-zagging elevated steps are designed to be a test of nimbleness in participants, requiring balance, momentum, and coordination. Different iterations of steps are available based on your targeted participant demographic. This includes adjustable steps, which allow you to fine-tune the difficulty level, as well as kids’ soft-play block steps, which serve as a fantastic introduction to the concept for young participants.

frame elements

Frame-Based Elements

Frame-based elements generally tend to be more advanced and geared towards teens, adults, and athletes, particularly because, unlike ground-based elements, they rely on a frame structure. These frames allow for the creation and implementation of some of the most outstanding and unique interchangeable elements available in the Ninja course market! Frames allow for suspended climbing walls, hanging walls, jungle swings, seas of poles, and much more. Generally, frame-based elements emphasize upper-body and grip strength.


Walls of All Sizes

One of the most iconic elements found in Ninja courses is suspending walls. There are several interchangeable iterations of these walls available from IMPACT, targeting the entire range of skill levels. Hanging doors allow participants to climb from door to door using various cut-outs or handholds — or a more advanced version that includes no handholds, and relies entirely on grip strength of the upper and lower body together. Traditional climbing wall panels can also be incorporated into frame structures, adding an exciting new spin to that usually-static element.

These are just a few examples of the interchangeable elements that are available through IMPACT Climbing’s Ninja course catalog. There are nearly 100 different elements to choose from! Contact us today to get started on your Ninja course, and browse our Ninja Obstacles Catalogue to learn more.

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