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Let Impact Help Make Your Concept A Reality

At Impact Climbing, we have one goal — to create exceptional rock climbing walls for every client. We’ve worked with gyms, fitness centres, and private clients to design and install amazing rock walls in a variety of settings. We build each wall with care and precision, and as a rock climbing wall manufacturer, we take great pride in the quality of our product.

If you’re opening a climbing gym or fitness centre where you want to feature a climbing wall, there are several things to consider, including floor space requirements, ceiling heights, and more. For nearly twenty years, we’ve helped people and businesses get the rock walls they need.


Customization at Its Finest

No two rock walls should be the same, and at Impact, we ensure that you’re able to customize your wall to your heart’s content. Perhaps you’re looking for a wall for a ninja course that’s going to be catered towards kids and teens. We can create a wall that offers enough of a challenge to be interesting, but isn’t so difficult that young ones get frustrated when trying to climb and navigate the course.

If you want a bouldering wall for a residential space, we can design the ideal solution. Depending on the dimensions of the available space, we can create a climbing wall that meets your needs and never gets old, no matter how many times you traverse it. If you have questions about our design and installation process, our team will be more than happy to speak with you.


Our Technology

When we begin building a new rock wall, no detail gets left out. We completely fabricate each wall in our facility in Milton, ON, and everything, from the base superstructure to the final coating, is made with extreme precision.

For larger walls, we begin with reinforced steel that is built with cross braces and supports so that there’s minimal shaking and flexing. Everything is inspected by a structural engineer, and from there, we cover the structure in premium 13-layer birch hardwood. This stiff wood is easy to work with, yet durable, and creates a strong, stable climbing surface.

Finally, the textures and grips are added. We offer both VelvetGRIP™ and TalonGRIP™, and can recommend the right option based on your needs. As for the holds, you can choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and your route setters will love how easy it is to customize the wall.


Exceptional Quality

A rock wall is only as good as the parts used to build it, and as mentioned above, we use quality components every step of the way. From the steel to the wood to the textures, we make sure there are no defects in the materials or pieces missing from the final construction. Everything is double- and triple-checked to ensure that the wall is complete, safe, and ready to use.

As for our craftsmanship, we have years of experience to put to use in building each wall. We want to create a wall that will inspire and educate, no matter where it’s placed. We know that your climbing wall is a major investment, and we want you to feel confident that you got exactly what you wanted.


We Put Our Knowledge to Work

When you come to us with an idea for a rock wall, we’ll immediately put our knowledge and experience to work for you. We understand how to approach each project with a fresh perspective, and we can help you determine exactly what you need. You might have ideas and drawings and a solid vision for what you want, or you may just love the idea of having a climbing wall — whichever it is, we’ll be excited to get started!

We have built walls for almost every space imaginable. You might not think that you have enough room for a rock wall, but you’d be surprised. We’ve created walls for:

There’s no concept that’s too big or too small for our team, and we’ll execute on your plans or designs. The end result will be the climbing wall you’ve always wanted!

You can rely on Impact Climbing's experience and breadth of knowledge as you build your new climbing gym or rock wall. Our team can answer all of your questions and keep you up-to-date on the progress on your wall. To get started on your project, contact us now!

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