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Carpet Bond Flooring Systems

IMPACT is also your commercial gym flooring expert. Safety first!

We are also experts in installing large scale commercial climbing gym safety flooring systems - for both bouldering walls and top rope climbing walls!

Flooring systems aren’t just an accessory, they are the difference between ground falls and a safe, injury free environment.

We offer a bonded carpet and foam flooring that is extremely durable and safe. This flooring system is considered standard in the climbing industry. Depending on the customers needs, flooring can range from the standard 2″ thick foam and carpet or we can layer additional softer foam layers to create a 4″ to 6″ thick floor.

flooring foam
flooring foam

The Foam

Bonded underneath our high quality carpet is a state of the art closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam. This style of foam is renowned for its shock absorption and resiliency. It’s proven to substantially outlast non-cross–linked foam, as its cell structure will not break down under repeated compression. Other foams may look and feel like ours, but without our unique chemical composition, they fail to deliver the shock absorption and resiliency needed in a quality climbing facility.

The Bond

Our Bonded Flooring system is available by the roll or by custom design. Rolls are lightweight, easy to install and well suited for gyms with straight-forward design and lower traffic. Custom floor systems are usually used in commercial climbing gyms or where the climbing walls are more than 30 feet tall. Before shipping to your facility, the foam layers are heat laminated to our famous needle punch carpet for outstanding durability and non–slip traction. During this process the foam liquefies and the carpet and foam substrates actually become one piece, creating a permanent, virtually indestructible bond. This is often element is often overlooked, so our bond is a step above the industry standard.

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Security Mats

Our security mats work well with any IMPACT Climbing Wall. They provide a padded landing surface when the wall is in use, and prevent unsupervised climbing and injuries when it’s not. Our mats are 4′ wide, 6′ high and 2″ thick. The bottom of the mats bolt into the climbing wall, preventing any slippage. The top of the mat clips into a locking mechanism that is fastened to the wall. All of the mats lock together with Velcro strips. All hardware needed to install the mats is included.

security mat

Custom Bouldering Floors

We can custom design uniform and consistent boulder gym flooring that match the design of your climbing walls for a flawless connection between the two. Our flooring designs ensure a minimal amount of seams covered with 6” wide Velcro strips.

​Climbers feel confident landing on our mats in whichever way they come down. Our custom covers are made with denier nylon material and are incredibly durable - and easy to clean with a vacuum. Plus, you can get them in whatever colour you like.

​We use a system of three layers of foam that we have developed and tested to provide the best in durability and performance.

You can be sure that IMPACT Custom Flooring will provide superior fall protection no matter what angle the climber may fall.

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