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Functionality Inspired Designs

Climbing walls are a canvas for your product, your product being your climbing routes. Let’s face it that is what climbers come to experience. If the routes are too hard or too easy then visitors will not have a great experience. Our walls are designed as a climbing wall first and foremost, so you will see smooth lines with limited abrupt angles. Too many abrupt angles and shapes create a busy look to the climbing wall and limit the flow: It is our job to provide the right angles, the right flow. The design of your climbing walls is extremely important; with the right base, route setters can dream big and set incredible climbs. Our walls have an infinite number of possibilities for climbing holds and volumes and are perfect for climbers of all ages and abilities.

concept to design

From Concept to Design

Each climbing wall is custom designed to suit the space provided and to meet each customer’s unique vision for their climbing surface. Every design starts with a discussion between the designer and the client to ensure we capture all of their wishes in the design we produce. We take the client vision and transform it into a 3D Model and 2D renderings of the wall design. This design must meet the client’s wishes but must also be visually striking, functional, follow industry standards for safety and climb well for many years to come. We revise and perfect the design with the client until everyone is happy with the final product. Once the design is approved, we engineer the internal structure and prepare to construct the walls.

Steel Framing

Steel Framing

At the base of all custom climbing wall systems is a free-standing and self-supporting steel frame. Constructed of custom engineered square tube and angle steel, our unique steel framing system allows your wall to take on nearly any shape, at any angle, at any height. In short, our framework is custom designed and engineered for your installation. Our geometric panels are welded together every two feet, compared to every four feet or not at all on some other manufacturer’s walls. This inter-bracing strengthens the overall structure and adds to the rock-solid feel of the wall. Walls with less inter-bracing are more prone to flexing, which results in cracking or chipping of the surface texture and a ‘hollow’ feel to the walls.

The entire climbing wall framework and surface paneling will be manufactured using welded steel. Surface panels are prefabricated using 2” angle material, and the structural framework of the climbing wall will consist of welded Hollow Structural Section steel.

climbing wall craftsmanship


The basics: All climbing walls & hardware installed and/ or supplied meet all CE & EN standards. The constructions of the climbing walls comply with the governing Climbing Wall Association (CWA) design-build standards. The final shop drawings are stamped by a professional engineer licensed in all provinces.

​Get down to business: Our construction crew is outstanding! They are awesome people who believe in their work. They work hard and efficiently to meet your deadlines. With care and consideration for our clients, the RW crew does not disappoint. When they’re finished the job, your space is left exactly as you would hope, clean and ready for the next phase of your project. No one works like IMPACT!



This warranty covers excessive surface cracking and wearing of the exterior finish, which is defined as cracking to the finish of the climbing wall other than non-structural surface or expansion cracking that imposes the risk of delaminating or pieces of the climbing wall breaking off. Excessive wearing is defined as the wearing of the wall texture surface to the point where fibres, lath, or epoxy with texture is breaking off and exposing the wood or other internal components of the wall system.

IMPACT will be responsible for the complete repair of any deficient workmanship and/or materials, including the resurfacing of the exterior finish for a period of 3 years from the date of project completion.

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