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Mental Health Benefits of Ninja Courses

Ninja courses are a great way to have fun and put your climbing, parkour, obstacle course, and racing skills to the test. Ninja courses can help you develop exceptional athletic abilities, but they also provide a variety of important mental health benefits for participants. IMPACT is Ontario’s premier provider of custom ninja courses, climbing walls, […]

The Olympic Bump Is Coming To Climbing – Are You Ready?

Sport climbing is making its debut in the 2021 Olympics! For the first time in Olympic history, climbing has been added to the lineup of athletic events! And while gymnastics, swimming, and track and field all hold near and dear to our hearts as some of the most anticipated sports to watch, following the Olympics […]

The Rise of Indoor Climbing

Climbers have roamed the earth for thousands of years but a new vertical age has taken hold over the last few years. Indoor climbing is reaching new heights, and we don’t just mean walls. Indoor climbing in North America has grown to a 700 million dollar industry in the last five years alone. Transforming from […]

Health Benefits of Climbing

Climbing has taken 2019 by storm, but it’s so much more than the newest fad. Rock climbing is a physically demanding sport combining commitment, problem solving, endurance, agility, balance and mental control. While running, cycling, or even cross-fit workouts teach the body to perform consistent, repetitive motions – building strength and increasing cardio – climbing […]

The Story of Us

“Let’s build climbing walls!” A strong work ethic, heart, creative thinking and collaboration: a strong foundation. Creating something meaningful and having a positive impact are the guiding principles behind the company that builds more than just climbing walls. IMPACT Climbing is an innovative climbing wall manufacturer that stands behind the quality of its products and […]