Climbing Gym Financial Plan & Consulting Package

As you know, we have been designing & building climbing walls and gyms for over 10 years. There are a number of other climbing wall builders out there but few others have the experience that we do in building successful climbing gyms, and we have experience building climbing walls of all shapes and sizes across North America. With that experience, we have developed strong customer loyalty and are constantly getting referrals for new projects from previous clients.

Pretty much every climbing gym that we have built got its start with our Climbing Gym Start-up Consultation Package. This package is designed to give you all of the tools you need to get through the business planning and funding process.

Most of our clients claim that the most valuable part of the package is Gym Financial Calculator – an Excel based spread-sheet financial model of a climbing gym. This powerful tool begins with your local demographic data (population, income, age) and shows you what size climbing gym you should build to meet the demands of your area. It then produces real estate requirements & start-up costs and lets you create monthly revenue and expense models. In the end it provides the Return On Investment (ROI) projections that investors want to see before committing to investing in your project.

Here's a list of the data inputs on the Gym Financial Calculator:

  • Demographic Study
  • Gym Capacity
  • Climbing Wall Size
  • Start-Up Costs
  • Project Planning
  • Pricing & Costs
  • Market Forecast
  • Climbing Gym Capital
  • Capital Summary
  • Opening Balance Sheet
  • Ten-Year Income and Expense
  • Summary

And here's a few images from the Financial Calculator. The yellow fields are where you would input the data.

The numbers listed below are not accurate numbers, we have used them for a visual purpose only. Do not use these numbers, they are not accurate and should not be used in your business plan.

Please Contact IMPACT CLIMBING INC. to assist you in building a proper Financial plan to open a business in the climbing industry.

How To:

This calculator is a tool that allows you to create you own climbing gym business model and gym start-up budget. It is designed to help you bring together the information you need to have in order to start a climbing gym business, and organize that information in a useful way. You can then use that information to create a phased project plan and generate long term financial projections based on all of your assumptions.

You can enter your data in all the cells that are YELLOW.

We have protected the cells so that you may not accidentally erase any of the formulas. If you wish to unlock the cells you may do so by going to Review > Unprotect Sheet > Enter Password "Impact". You may want to do so if you would like to edit quantities in any of our suggested cells, or if you would like to add any information or formulas.

You'll notice red triangles on the top right of certain cells. These are notes that will further explain what that cell or section is about.

Demographic Study

Without a proper analysis of the local population and demographic you have no idea what type of market you are getting into. Every area, state, province or territory as data online to help you fill in the age range.


Gym Capacity

The only way to determine how big your gym should is how much your community can afford to spend, and if the demographic can support this type of facility. Gym Capacity dives into real data.


Walls and size of gym

Your gym should be large enough to support the growing industry but not to big you cant afford to keep the lights on. Based on your budget adjust your facility size while keeping your demographic happy.

size fo gym

Start up Capital

It takes so much time to find out what you need to start a Climbing Gym. Impact has takes the guessing out for you. We have several items listed in the Start up Cost tab that you should only need to worry about if it fits your budget.

start up cost
market forecast

Capital Summary

Most of us are not Billionaires, so we all need to assistance for investors from time to time. This table will provide your investors a great visual of the ROI (return on investment) and how their capital is be allocated.


10 Year Outlook

Most places wont look past year 5 as it is so difficult to estimate 10 years out. IMPACT Climbing has been building gyms since 2008 so we have some inside knowledge past a ten year mark. We like to see confidence in your eyes and the banks eyes when you say IMPACT is your builder.


The Plan

We have only given you a small look at what this calculator can do for a start up Climbing Gym. If you have made it to the bottom of this page and read the info we have listed here, you're already committed so click the link and reach out to us. Lets build your Dream Gym and IMPACT the world.




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