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One thing has remained consistent throughout our journey: it's all about the people.

IMPACT is composed of a team of experts in the fields of design, fine carpentry and construction. We are driven to wow and awe by exceeding expectations through beautiful vertical playgrounds with endless possibilities. Working with a passionate team ensures our designs and builds stay fresh, innovative and inspiring.



Meet Kyle

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kyle Wilson is an invaluable member of Canada’s climbing community. Kyle has dabbled in all aspects of the climbing industry from route setting and instruction, to construction and management; it was the construction side of rock climbing that ignited the spark for Kyle. Rather than being tied to the operations of a single facility, his sights were set to influence the industry through the culmination of his experience and background in construction management.

In 2010, Rockwerx Canada was born. From the very beginning, Kyle meticulously infused a sense of pride, along with the desire to carefully complete each project with integrity and attention to detail, leading Rockwerx Canada to become IMPACT Climbing. With the foundation carefully set, all projects have grown and evolved with a high standard of care in place, which is shown through hard work and in the finished product. Through his passion, Kyle has built an exceptional team that shares in his core values. It’s the teamwork, dedication and craftsmanship that has made IMPACT an international player in the climbing industry. At the heart of it all, we're a team of quirky individuals that love what we do.

Team Bios

Rob Jamison

Rob Jamison | Sales and Marketing

Living the dream is all about enjoying a healthy lifestyle and pushing the limits. Rob enjoys many outdoor pursuits that keep him fit and active such as scuba diving, skydiving and even racing F-2000 race cars. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and travelling for a balanced approach to work and play. Rob began his journey with Rockwerx in 2010, working to install some of RW Canada’s first walls. His friendship with Kyle goes back to childhood, so he is indeed family. Who knew 30 years ago, when Kyle and Rob first became friends that this would lead to building careers together. This is a solid friendship built on trust and adrenaline, seeing as Rob was Kyle’s first climbing partner way back when. From scuba diving, travelling and rock climbing, these two have succeeded together in so many ways. It’s only natural to have him work at IMPACT and take hold of the reins to build a solid business day in and day out. With a background in economics and research analysis, Rob builds trust by understanding our client’s needs to provide the best solutions and customer service. He enjoys working in a field where he’s promoting active living since he enjoys the active lifestyle!

Joë Layno

Joë Layno | Brand Manager

As a well-known and valuable player in the rock climbing community, Joë brings valuable experience to the team. He is an experienced rock climber with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He has been at the forefront of the growth and development of many indoor climbing facilities in Ontario, including Aspire Climbing. In addition to his climbing credentials, he cut his teeth in the cycling industry with over a decade of marketing and graphic design experience with one of the largest companies in cycling. He has high moral values and a strong work ethic that push him to seek new and creative solutions for improvement and growth in all he aspires to do. He is a skilled route setter, an experienced manager, a killer graphic designer and so much more. One of his unique gifts is his ability to inspire and bring out the best in others. He has a keen eye for detail and is passionate about setting a global standard for IMPACT.

Rebecca Machan

Rebecca Machan | Head Designer ​

How does one combine a 10 year career of interior design with a passion for climbing? Just ask Rebecca! With extensive experience in 3D modelling and rendering for interior retail and restaurant spaces, she is our lead designer. Since May 2016, she has turned client ideas and concepts into three dimensional realities. Rebecca is a practical designer: While acknowledging industry trends, she strives to design striking, functional spaces that climb well for many years to come. As an avid climber, she has a unique sensitivity for enjoyable and challenging climbing terrain. You can say this is a dream job for her and she wouldn’t disagree. There’s no mistaking her natural talents as a designer in the way she can fill any space with the most beautiful and thoughtful climbing structures as a delicate art, one that we have come to thoroughly appreciate. She’s a quiet, strong and independent woman, who takes control when she needs to and can change a room with her smile. The IMPACT crew is softened by her presence and strengthened by her knowledge and passion.

Hal Lackenbauer

Hal Lackenbauer | Construction Manager & Ball Breaker

First at the job site and the last one to leave, Hal knows what it takes to get the job done. With over 30 years of residential and commercial construction under his tool belt, Hal joined the IMPACT crew in 2013 and it’s become a second family to him. His drive, work ethic and passion for building was inherited from his biggest mentor, his father. He takes pride in making dreams come true for clients through what his team created from the ground up. Anyone who’s worked under Hal knows there’s the hard way and then there’s Hal’s way. No matter how much you kick and scream, each challenge is a learning experience. When he’s not busting balls on the job site, Hal enjoys riding and travelling on his motorcycle, seeing the country and meeting new people. He’s a provider, and a hunter; finding solitude in his connection to nature. Like the rich taste of a smooth whisky that’s been maturing for years in it’s carefully crafted cask, the experience and knowledge contained in this one man is meant to be shared. Take the time to get to know Hal and you will learn what we have all learned, he’s all heart! In the words of this wise man, “No one works like IMPACT.”

Ryan Henry

Ryan Henry | Master Welder

They say that a weld is stronger than steel. When you see Ryan’s work, it’s easy to believe this is true. He is a welding craftsman. With a background in construction, his studies in bonding metal set the foundation on how to build things right. Since 2012, he’s been one of the men behind-the-scenes, literally. Hidden behind a labyrinth structure of steel, Ryan’s workmanship is instrumental in making our climbing walls feel extremely solid. When he’s not working at heights, he gets his high from rocking out with his fast car and a heavy foot. As part of the IMPACT crew, he enjoys the travels with each new project and the pride that comes from our client’s enjoyment of a job well done. Ryan is your best friend, standing up for others when needed. Quiet and humble but a strong force when morals are challenged; honorable and respectful of everyone around him - a true leader.

Jay Panganiban

Jay Panganiban | Shop Foreman

Like an orchestra conductor, Jay has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in people to make beautiful music. But Jay is a conductor that leads from within. He’s a doer, a true tradesman, and there’s nothing that Jay can’t handle. He is truly magic in the shop, with the ability to make any process better and, overall, improving the output of his team. Like a true artisan carpenter, Jay is his own biggest critic. Self-motivated to improve, he is highly competitive: Completing a job is simply not enough. He constantly pushes himself and his crew to perform at the highest levels, ensuring projects are completed flawlessly, on-time, and at the highest standards. He’s been a role model in the shop since 2015. He’s a family man and knows the value of making every moment count. There’s no wasted time in Jay’s shop, but when he smiles it’s a friendly reminder of a kind-hearted individual that takes tremendous pride in his work. You’ll never meet anyone like him, no one has more love to give than Jay-dog!

Alex Wojtkowiak

Alex Wojtkowiak | Fine Carpenter

A unique member to our team, Alex is an avid climber and a true builder. Specializing in metal and wood, Alex has been a natural fit since his start in 2015. His latest workmanship can be seen in our amazing new line of climbing volumes. Utilizing his fine carpentry skills, Alex takes 3D renderings and seemingly impossible compound angles and turns them into wonderful climbing shapes. Alex takes great pride in his work. For Alex, there is no greater compliment than when someone enjoys climbing on his creations.

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